Harvey Commits to Campaign Finance Disclosure

Voters have a right to know who is contributing to political campaigns and candidates.

While disclosure of campaign contributions has been an issue in the mayoral race and in other wards, it has not been given serious consideration by council candidates in Ward 11.

That changes now.

Our campaign is committed to identifying all donations of $100 or more, as well as disclosing all donations of $100 and less. Donations will be accepted up until noon on Sunday, October 20, 2013 and all donations will be posted on our website the following day for voters to scrutinize.

Transparency and accountability matters to voters and is a cornerstone of our campaign.

It is my personal commitment to the voters of Ward 11.

View my list of contributors here: 


I believe in Ward 11 and that’s why I’m raising my kids here

My vision for Edmonton is to create a progressive environment that nurtures the growth of business, affordable living and social responsibility. In the next City Council I will raise the profile of Ward 11 and ensure it is a symbol of optimism and renewal. I believe in Ward 11 and that’s why I’m raising my kids here.
Having built a small business into a successful enterprise required effective leadership, sound decision making and the ability to foster relationships between dynamic personalities. To guarantee the success of the City it requires an individual like me to bring this experience to City Hall.
Ward 11 needs a comprehensive affordable living solution and change in a brighter and prosperous direction. Providing affordable living solutions is a priority for me. It is a key element in growing our Ward. Ward 11 is a diverse community, from seniors, to new immigrants, long-time residents to those who seek affordable housing for their families. Every resident living here should find Ward 11 to be affordable, accessible and connected to the rest of the City. Focusing on transit, housing, state of the art facilities and community support, I will ensure Ward 11 is a place where Edmontonians come to raise their families and stay because it has all the amenities needed to be prosperous.
Improving community engagement is another top priority for me because I believe dialogue with community enhances our ability to make better community based decisions. I would like to change the perception of politicians not being accountable and accessible. A represented official is nothing but an extension of a constituent. You wish to be heard and I wish to deliver your messages to City Council. I would like to listen to my constituents and encourage you to express your opinion and thereby enable me to provide the most effective support and resolutions.
As we enter the final week of the campaign, I would like to express a heartfelt thanks to every single person that has helped us get to this point. I have been inspired by your commitment and the enthusiasm that you have shown over the past few months.  

On October 21st, vote Harvey Panesar to represent Ward 11.

Join Harvey Panesar and the popular Youtube comedian Babbu at the meet and greet this Sunday October 13th from 1-3pm
Join the event on Facebook!

Join Harvey Panesar and the popular Youtube comedian Babbu at the meet and greet this Sunday October 13th from 1-3pm

Join the event on Facebook!


When I am City Councillor I am committed to attending every community forum and ensuring the best ideas are incorporated into all decisions.
Are you happy with increased property taxes, the state of our roads, and community safety?
At the doors, I have heard from countless residents about concerns related to infrastructure support, finding funds for LRT expansion, and community safety support. There is a general feeling that City Hall doesn’t listen to Ward 11 and that our tax dollars are not being directed towards our priorities. 
We need better engagement from City Hall and strong advocate at City Hall for Ward 11.
Ward 11 residents need to feel that city officials are concerned about our crumbling roads, flooded basements, cars damaged by potholes, community safety concerns and the need for an efficient public transportation system on an ongoing basis and not just around elections. 
Ward 11 needs a strong voice at City Hall, one that genuinely understands the concerns of Ward 11 and will champion our interests on council. Mayor Mandel showed leadership when he declared that city departments do not consult with Edmontonians and only hold forums to tell communities what they should expect http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/mayor-mandel-transportation-department-is-a-dictator-1.1365509?cmp=rss
Consultation means that we should provide our input before projects take place and that town hall meetings are not just a forum for the City to give speeches and provide information on decisions already undertaken.
At the doors you learn a lot about listening and the need for consultation. Residents tell me and I agree that we need more innovative solutions to our infrastructure problems. The collective is smarter than the individual and there are great ideas. From more blading of our roads instead of undermining their integrity with salt, upgrading sewage drainage to the new technologies in newer communities rather than patch work, and ensuring that surrounding communities pay their fair share. All these ideas are in my platform and grew from several months of listening, consultation and door knocking. The growth and evolution of these ideas were brought together by neighbors and friends in the neighborhood. I will fight to get everyone involved because there are many good ideas out there that we are yet to hear.
When I am City Councillor I am committed to attending every community forum and ensuring the best ideas are incorporated into all decisions.
We need a change and when I am at City Council I will embody this change and ensure Ward 11 voices are heard!
As I continue to door knock in Ward 11 I hear many wonderful and exciting ideas that will help the constituents of Ward 11. If you have any ideas that you would like to share with me please email me at hello@voteharvey.ca
As always my offer still stands, if anyone in Ward 11 wants to meet in person the Timmies is on me! 

Our Champions

There has been much debate over the new city slogan for Edmonton. While I have yet to hear one I like, I was reflecting this past weekend on our soon to be former City slogan, our great post-secondary institutions and retaining young professionals. Outsiders looking in on the City of Champions almost unequivocally associate the title with Edmonton’s many sporting successes. However, in my 37 years in this city, I’ve come to realize that the “City of Champions” alludes to much more than that.  In addition to the images of sporting glory that I envisioned during my youth whenever I saw our nickname, I now also think of the many intelligent, hard-working young professionals that this city has in fact, championed.
Edmonton’s ability to educate and foster young professionals is undeniable. Our post-secondary institutions are first class and at City Council I will continue to support them. However, I am concerned that many of our young Edmonton families and professionals, from many different communities, perceive other North American metropolitans to be their optimal final destinations. I hope to help change this perception so that young professionals can be retained.
I commend groups such as TEC Edmonton and Start Up Edmonton for providing opportunities that young professionals need in this city. Edmonton should strive to become a city that is more conducive to such initiatives.
Edmonton is growing and in such times of growth, there is opportunity for change and improvement. With Edmontonians going to the polls to pick a new future, it is vital that the same young people fostered by Edmonton are also those that contribute to its progress. I hope to help inspire young professionals to stay in this city and be part of its development.
I firmly believe that Edmonton is capable of being the preferred destination for the young people that the growth of this city depends on: Our Champions.
Harvey Panesar

Check out the new Harvey Panesar video! A conversation with concerned constituents of ward11.


Another interesting day and evening at the doors in Hillview, Ward 11. Not only are candidates putting up signs without asking the property owner, but more importantly residents have brought to my attention that there continues to be “common sense issues” not being addressed in Ward 11. It has become clear to me that we need to cut the red tape at City Hall and ensure we get back to doing the people’s business in a timely and efficient manner.

While chatting with my two new friends Larry and Alvin, they pointed out some serious concerns with 58 Street and the fire hydrant directly across from their property. My other new friend, Marianna, had some legitimate issues with the lack of response from the City on a tree that is causing serious damage to her fence and her backyard.

Let’s start with Marianna. When I knocked on her door Marianna told me she will never vote. I asked her why and she responded, “See the tree in my backyard? I have called the City for 2 years and no one has come out to look at the tree, let alone cut it.” Her property is located backing out onto 66 Street and 34 Ave. The damage this city planted tree is causing truly is frustrating for her. It has not only caused her fence to fall over, the roots are so deep and rapidly spreading that they now are present throughout the majority of her backyard. Why can’t we as the City just attend to her problem and get this fixed sooner than later? Logic tells us that it isn’t going to get any cheaper to fix as time passes by and that more damage may be caused in that time.

Back to my friends Larry and Alvin, two great guys with strong concerns on what’s happening in their neighbourhood. 58 Street is a big concern of mine and of theirs. Not only would driving on a gravel road be smoother, there are people that work at Grey Nuns parking there, as well as large commercial trucks parking on the side of the roads. These trucks are causing buses on that route to be delayed as the bottleneck caused by these vehicles parked on the side restricts two-way traffic flows. Is there a reason why there are no signs up? I imagine this could be handled if brought to the attention to the Bylaws officers in charge of such matters. Larry and Alvin also pointed out the fire hydrant across the street from them. Fire hydrants are supposed to help put fires out, correct? Well they have eye witnessed this hydrant having no water in it! God forbid a fire breaks out. How will firefighters control the flames? My point is that we should not neglect the safety and well-being of Ward 11 constituents.

Will there always be new issues arising to be addressed? Of course, we cannot always run every facet of the City perfectly, but there should be a reasonable method employed to have the bare basics addressed within a fair amount of time.

I am more resolved than ever to make it a priority in City Hall to help the constituents with their everyday problems. We need to cut the unnecessary red tape, increase transparency, community engagement and use a little common sense.

These are only a fraction of the stories I hear at the doors…….let’s make this change together.

If you have any local issues that I should be aware of email me at hello@voteharvey.ca